Here is a list of Audio Engineer services and a few examples of my work provided at very competitive rates:

UK based work from home Music Producer/Audio Engineer/Service Engineer in the New Forest area 

1. Soundscape & Atmospheric design (Natural and/or Synthetic) 
2. Rhythm & Beat making (Drum loops, Percussion loops) (Natural and/or Synthetic) 
3. Mixing & Remixing (Combining multiple sound files into one mixed track) 
4. Mastering (Giving mixdown tracks a professionally finished and commercial feel) 
5. One shot Drum sound design (Kicks, Claps, Snares, Hats, Toms, Percussion etc (Natural and/or Synthetic) 
6. Patch & Sound design for an extensive list of hardware synths 
7. Sound effect production (Natural and/or Synthetic) 
8. Vocal processing using hardware outboard 
9. Sample pack creation using an extensive list of hardware synths and rhythm machines 
10.General Synth servicing, cleaning, upgrades and repairs (Key/Solder/Component/Board/Display/Memory/Battery/Slider/Button/Knob Fix and/or Replacement (Analog and/or Digital)

If you require any of the services above then drop me an email via the "Contact" page for an assessment and quote.

Lee Rodriguez (PhaseShift180)